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Epic Win Systems layers the motivational triggers that make games so incredibly engaging and addictive into non-game situations - businesses and organizations - to create greater engagement, undying loyalty, and increased revenue. We specialize in Augmented Reality and Gamification Software.
Engagement, Behavioral Design, Augmented Reality, Gamification, Audience Design Engine, Behavioral Science Marketing, Software Implementation, Business Consulting
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Who is Dr. V?

Dr. Christopher Vogelmann

Founder / CEO

Dr V is the founder and CEO of Epic Win. He believes in creating a business that is fun, engaging and ultimately an Epic Win!

Dr. Christopher Vogelmann (Dr. V) attended Harvard University and received his Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Psychology and Social Relations; during his time at Harvard he had the opportunity to connect with great thought leaders such as Prof. David McClelland, the father of the “Need Theory”, and Dr. B.F. Skinner, the originator of Behavior Modification and operant conditioning.

Dr. V went on to become a licensed Chiropractor and has worked in this field for the past 26 years – using his engaging speaking style and unique personality he has continually taught doctors and their staff how to attain the results they were looking for as business leaders in their practice.

From there Dr. V created “Epic Win” which embodies Gamification, his knowledge of human behavior modification and business transformation.  His purpose is to create a FUN environment for your business, that ultimately will drive your business to success and engage your consumers as well as your staff; setting you apart from the mainstream in your industry.

Available for interviews, keynotes and other speaking engagements.